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This PCC Alumni and History site has relocated.
Our old host, sumeru.stanford.edu, at Stanford is having old-age problems --faulty memory--motivating a change of hosting site and some updates. The site was constructed in 2001 in anticipation of the coming PCC Birthday, but has seen precious few updates since then. PCC turned 30 years old in 2002--the first edition of PCC Newspaper appeared in October 1972. Since this site came on-line we've been visited by an average of 50 distinct users every day.

Moving a site can be a complex thing. There are several dynamic features of the PCC site that will need to be adjusted to the new hosting environment. For the moment, they don't work--but they will in the near future.

Whatever happened to ... ?
PCC's dedicated staff and supporters, were there at the start of the personal computer revolution, maybe a little bit before. If you were involved with PCC in any way, we welcome your participation. CLICK HERE to get a form to create your own page.

The Dragon Takes On Starship Gaia
Bob Albrecht, aka "The Dragon", not one to rest on his haunches, has been creating a new series of course materials about planet Earth and its environs. They are posted here for viewing and downloading.

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PCC Today
In the last few years, PCC has been in the capable hands of Jane Lindley who continued to focus on computers and education, although there are no more general circulation magazines or storefront computer centers. Jane died suddenly and unexpectedly in early 2005. Since her death, the state of PCC has been in flux. Some of us--including the Dragon, Bob Albrecht-- have been working to have PCC continue work in computer and education.

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