Resource Materials for Teachers and Parents
Authors: Bob Albrecht & Paul Davis
Copyright 2000, 2001, 2002 by Bob Albrecht and Paul Davis.
The Starship Gaia materials posted here are a major rewrite and update of stuff published in Learning & Leading with Technology beginning in September 1999. We have lots more old stuff and even more new stuff in the Starship Gaia strand. Starship Gaia materials will appear "quasi-periodically".

You may download a Word 2000 version of each Starship Gaia issue. We provide a Word version so it's easy to customize the material for direct classroom use. To download, just click on the download link. Depending upon your browser, you may get a file download control box or you may get the document in Word 2000. In the former case, specify the file where the document is to be stored. In the latter case, save the document as you would any Word 2000 document.

The materials here are copyright by their authors but explicit permission is granted to classroom teachers to download, adapt, and use the materials for instructional use provided a copyright notice and attribution is included. For commercial use, contact the authors for permissions.

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