The PCC Archive Project Project

The PCC On-Line Archive Project has two goals:

  • A Print Archive to make avaliable on-line the material which appeared in PCC Newspaper, People's Computers, and .
  • A Games Archive to make available on-line descriptions, specifications, and new verions of computer games from the pages of PCC publications, from Bob Albrecht's personal archives, and from other sources.a

To make this happen will take a lot of effort. As always, we are looking for volunteers to help with the task. CLICK HERE TO VOLUNTEER

An Online Archive for PCC Publications

The People's Computer Company published a number of different periodicals and books during the 1970s and 1980s. The primary focus of the archive will be PCCs flagship publication which began as PCC Newspaper and changed names several times in the course of its existance:
  1. PCC Newspaper
  2. People's Computers
  3. Recreational Computing
In addition, PCC started and published several journals and books including The Computer Music Journal and Dr. Dobb's Journal. The Computer Music Journal was collected archivally from the start. DDJ has excellent on-line archives constructed and maintained by the commercial publisher.

A Games Archive

Bob Albrecht wrote:
Every issue of PCC had games and instructional stuff about games, mostly games to help students learn, and teachers teach, math and other stuff. Many (most?) of these games are not known to today's teachers. Most cannot be found on the Internet

I've been collecting games and inventing games for decades. I write Play Together, Learn Together instructional stuff, run workshops for teachers, play with kids and their parents in coffee houses and elsewhere, et cetera, et cetera. I use games that appeared in PCC, variations of those games, games I've collected from other sources, and lots of new games that I've invented. I have way more than 1000 pages of instructional stuff, notes, ideas, et cetera. You'll find a tiny bit of my game stuff at DragonFun []. You'll see three games that appeared in PCC: Bagels, Reverse, and Factor Monster (called Taxman in PCC).

It would be loverly if the PCC Alumni site became a repository of up-to-date versions of games that appeared in PCC, or didn't appear in PCC. I'm not interested in writing Flash or Javascript or other code, but I'd love to describe games for others to write, and suggest instructional activities related to the games.

First I'll do an inventory of games by PCC volume, number, and date. Then I'll write descriptions of games as they might appear on the site as interactive games if someone will write the code. I probably have more experience actually playing these games with teachers and kids than anyone.

Cheers, Dragon

We are looking for volunteers to reimplement these games for today's graphical, Web aware enviornment. We'll also need librarian to manage the games section of this website.