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Silicon Valley Intellectual Property Exchange

Silicon Valley Intellectual Property Exchange (SVIPX) originates and incubates intellectual property, particularly patents. We collaborate with inventors and leading-edge experts in a wide variety of high-technology fields. Offering intellectual property for commercial and strategic purposes, we specialize in reducing to commercial practice the science and technology that supports emerging, exponentially growing markets.

SVIPX focuses on commercially critical technological domains: Internet e-commerce, semiconductors, networking, microprocessors, computer software, business methods, biotechnology, communications of all sorts, and exotic materials and processes. The range of technology involved stretches from the mundane to things seemingly plucked from the pages of science fiction. They share one common feature—significant commercial value.

If you are a consumer of intellectual property and are interested in the purchase or licensing of one of our current offerings, you are encouraged to contact us.

If you are a creator and owner of intellectual property, if you have taken the necessary steps to protect your intellectual property, and if you interested in partnering with SVIPX to further develop and market your invention(s), we'd like to hear from you.