About the "The Dragon"

Who is "The Dragon"?

Bob Albrecht, founder of PCC, friend of kids, and long-time advocate of computers in education has been calling himself "The Dragon" for years. Bob loves dragons and maintains a personal collection of dragon related links on the web.

Bob and a variety of co-authors have written many books about computers including the classic My Computer Likes Me When I Speak Basic. Check Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble for current titles. Most of the books are out of print. You can find some of the out of print titles with Bookfinder .

Bob continues to create and publish instructional materials. Here are some places where you can find his work.


Stan Veit, founder of Computer Shopper, hosts a web site where The Dragon puts instructional materials: DragonFun, http://www.dragonfun.net.

Starship Gaia

Bob "The Dragon" Albrecht writes the column "Starship Gaia" for Learning & Leading with Technology, the journal of the International Society for Technology in Education.

The Dec 2000/Jan 2001 issue (volume 28 Number 4) contains:

  1. Make Your Own System: Measurement and Modeling on a Solar Scale
    Bob Albrecht and Paul Davis continue their discussion of scale and models by moving out from Earth to the solar system.
  2. Math & Science Backpacks
    Starship Gaia columnists Bob Albrecht and George Firedrake have created many math and science activities for teachers, and they will begin sharing them here. The first set of activities will be available in February and will include a guessing game, dice rolling activities using the Internet, and more.
Dragon Fumets
In the days of old, when knights were bold and out and about searching for Dragons, Damsels in Distress, Holy Grails, and stuff like that, a prized discovery was a Dragon Fumet. This precious material was proof positive that a Dragon had been in the neighborhood.

Wonder what a "fumet" really is? Look the word up in the on-line dictionary at http://www.dictionary.com.