David Moursund

I have continued to work in the field of computers in educationfor all of these years. Information about me is available on my website.

As some old timers know, I started a periodical The Oregon Computing Teacher in 1974. It became The Computing Teacher in 1979 when Bob Albrecht gave the materials and advertisers from Calculators Computer Magazine to me/the periodical. Simultaneously, to deal with the finances of this, I established the International Council for Computers in Education. In 1989, I changed ICCE into the International Society for Technology in Education, and the IACE organization was merged into this newly named organization.

I ran ISTE until June 1998, and continued to serve as Executive Officer for Research and Development until the end of March 2001. At that time, ISTE decided to buy out the remainder of my contract, so I am now officially retired from ISTE.

In June of 2000 a new organization got started in Oregon -- the Oregon Technology in Education Council. I am currently Chair of the Board and the Web Master. See http://otec.uoregon.edu/ .

I am employed full time in Teacher Education at the University of Oregon. Quite a bit of my time is being spent on Preparing Tommorrow's Teachers to Use Technology, a 3-year grant program that began this past summer.

David Moursund
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