Tim Pozar

[I orginally sent this to Dennis Allison when he asked if I was involved with the PCC. He asked that I post this here... - Tim]

I did know many of the folks involved. In the late seventies I was living in Fresno and building and maintaining S-100 boxes and as such talking to many of these folks. I met Jim Warren at the first West Coast Computer Faire, talk to Ted Nelson then (bought the book :-)). At the end of the seventies I moved up to Washington and then in the early eighties moved to SF and got involved in Fidonet and the Internet. I wrote the software that connected Fidonet and the Internet and got the domain (fidonet.org) from SRI. Randy Bush was someone I did a lot of work with then with my gateway package and as a co-founder of a sister ISP of his called TLGnet. Was invited to Hackers and started doing some work with a number of folks that over-lapped such as reconnecting with Jim then and co-worked with him on the Leginfo site for the State of California. I remember telling Ted about the WWW at a BBScon/ISPcon in '92 or so and he seemed surprise about the work. I don't know if I was the one to break the news to him. :-)

I also did subscribe to a number of the missives that came out of the PCC.

So, our paths cross. I have had indirect involvement but not direct. With all those notables how could I have not be touched?

Tim Pozar

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