Suzanne Rodriguez

After leaving PCC, Suzie became a freelance writer. Among her favorite topics are travel, food and wine, and profiles about super-interesting people. Her work has appeared in most national newspapers; major magazines such as Gourmet, Brides’s, Woman’s World, and TravelAge West; and is syndicated by Creators Syndicate (formerly known as Copleys’s). She’s also written three non-fiction books, all published by major houses.

One of her books, written at the request of a Doubleday editor, was about honeymoon travel. This has led to extensive writing about honeymoon destinations around the planet, a current stint as the "Honeymoon Travel Examiner" at, and her own website,, on that subject.

On another front, Suzie has worked extensively as a freelance corporate writer, fashioning web content, newsletters, reports, blogs, end-user Help, press releases, social networking updates, Policy & Procedure guides, advertorials, corporate histories, articles, and editing.

The thing Suzie likes best about travel/culinary writing is the opportunity for adventure and experiences she wouldn’t ordinarily have. The food/wine world, for example, can be a lot of fun. Here’s something that happened one night late last year.

You can read more about what Suzie’s been up to in her linked-in profile.

Contact her by email here.

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