Sue Talley

Life is definitely a journey, made up of synchronistic events.

I participated in PCC somewhat vicariously, mainly through the adventures of LeRoy, Bob, and Jerry.

As LeRoy's wife I was always being introduced to interesting "characters" from the early days of PCC.

After LeRoy's death, I moved on to academia, finally completing my doctorate. Ironically, my dissertation chair was Jack McManus, one of LeRoy's co-authors. And now Jack is the chair of my department, and Terry Cannings, another of LeRoy's co-authors, is the associate dean.

I continue to be very active in the world of educational technology. I teach online as part of Pepperdine's masters and doctoral programs. I'm also the Project Director for our Preparing Tomorrow's Teachers to Use Technology grant.

My real passion these days is trying to find ways to incorporate video into online case studies to help with teacher preparation. does go on!

Sue Talley

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