M. Paul Farr

I was a little hesitant to reply as I have neither a great list of accomplishments to recite, nor have I made a pile of money on the Personal Computer Revolution. Sadly, I am probably one of the few PCC Alumnus that didn't get Rich or Famous in the Personal Computer revolution! I have had fun, and continue to be involved, on a smaller scale.

I have, however, continued to be involved with Personal Computers, and currently have three of the little buggers networked together in my home.

I was introduced to PCC in 1974 by Don Tarbell (of Tarbell Cassette Interface Fame). He and I and several others, founded the Southern California Computer Society! At the time I was scratch building a PC based on the Intel 8008 microprocessor, which I had running at the first meeting of the SCCS in the Rec. Center of Don's Apartment Complex in San Pedro.

I continued to read and have fun with the PCC Newspaper until sometime after the appearance of Dr. Dobbs Journal of Computer .... I continued to be a DDJ subscriber into the late 80's, and still pick up a copy from time to time.

That's about it. I have visited the PCC Web site -- Taken about a dozen walks down 'Memory Lane' as I visited the sites of some of the names that popped out to me. What fun! Thanks to your efforts :) I hope all the names turn red! ! !

Best Regards to my old friends, and especially to those who made PCC and Dr. Dobbs happen <:-)

                                       M. Paul Farr

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