Walter E. Wallis, P.E. [Gene]

I started with an account with Bob Albrecht's timeshare, first asa walkin to their Mountain View plant, and then via TTY and modem from home. It never occured to me to get a second phone line put in since that was seldom done back then, and so I had to fight my daughter for the phone. [I am now up to four pots lines, a DSL and two cellulars.]

In '75, I opened my first engineering office, coincidently in the same building with PCC, where I really got to know Albrecht and the PCC crowd. Since then I have moved my office 6 times, the last into my home. My practice will turn 26 the first of august, and I might have been rich exceept that I have always stayed at the front of the pack with gadgets to avoid having a payroll.

By "Bob Albrecht's timeshare", Gene is probably referring to the timesharing company in Mountain View that gave PCC free time in exchange for putting our games online. I think Gene had an account there. -The Dragon

PCC was originally on Doyle Drive in Menlo Park where we shared space with Albrecht's company, DYMAX. Later we moved to El Camino in Menlo Park. The Community Computer Center, the storefront computer facility, was located on Menalto Avenue off Gilbert in Menlo Park. -Dennis Allison

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