Lisa [formerly John] Lees

Wow! What a flood of memories! BASIC, three-headed dragons,earthquake staples, Altair, Heathkit, IMSAI, paper tape, NCC 1976 in New York, and all the dreams and fears we had.

I finished my masters degree, worked for Creative Computing Magazine, moved to Flint, Michigan to teach computer science, worked as a technical writer in Ann Arbor, then as a Unix sys admin in East Lansing, and am still here, as a homeschooling parent very involved with a children's theater company.

Along the way I shed the name and gender I was given at birth, became active in LBGT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) concerns, and am ever so much happier. If I may quote:

   Speaking the words with sweet diffidence, she said:
      "I hope none of you will care less for me now than
   you did before. I'm just the same Tip, you know;
      "Only you're different!" said the Pumpkinhead;
   and everyone thought it was the wisest speech he
   had ever made.
     -- The Land of Oz, by L. Frank Baum
More than you could ever want to know about me is to be found on my pages at, and I do not at all mind email to
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