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After I left PCC, Recreational Computing and ComputerTown, USA! (early 80's), I went on to help form software and design companies (Avalanche Productions, Childware, Inc. and Another Adventure). I also continued to write books with Bob (the Dragon) and many of his wonderful friends.

Did products and books for many of the major publishers... and then, when the book, software and CD-ROM markets began to tilt, worked with Clifford West (an ex-PCC person) on some toy designs and young kids' game products (Teddy Ruxpin, Julie the talking doll and Intelligy's Wings games).

Spent over 10+ years chasing those dreams and building those rainbows...


Joined NetSchools Corporation nearly four years ago. Company deals with -- that's right -- kids and computers. Check out the web site: www.netschools.com. We offer a complete solution on how to integrate technology into the learning process -- and do it successfully.

Our vision -- every kid and every teacher gets a computer -- the much touted 1-to-1 solution for today's and tomorrow's schools. Here I've been involved in -- that's right -- writing and managing a team of writers and editors. Been handling the Tech Pubs, training materials, user documentation, web site content (corporate, intranet, and NetSchools Orion -- our subscription-based educational resource site), and other writing and creative tasks.

Bob (the Dragon) and friends have contributed some great materials to the Orion site.

NetSchools was started by Jim Dezell and Tom Greaves. Richard Milewski works here as CTO. My current boss is Kathy Hurley.


In training for an ascent of Mt. Shasta in June of this year. Started climbing with friends over a year ago. Did the rock walls first. Then headed into the mountains and took on places like Fresno Dome. This year, we'll climb to the top of Shasta the first week in June.

Here's a photo of me doing a practice climb last year...

After 20+ years, there's a lot more that's happened and been done. And it all started back in Menlo Park when I met a Dragon playing drums... Those were the days my friend...      Rzzzzzz ( rmzamora@netschools.net)

Ramon Zamora

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