Dick Karpinski

I was at UCSF for decades, and took advantage of many of the localmeetings to keep up with events in the computer world. I'm still a bit of a boy programmer, but now aging. I found my identity in a Long's drugstore in Sebastopol a couple of years ago. It took the form of a floppy black top hat with a wide red belt and a gold buckle. With it on, I become the world's largest leprechaun.

More recently, I discovered Jef Raskin and helped him finish The Humane Interface, which I now promote mercilessly. When funding arrives, I hope to help turn it into a radical reality which will allow our computers to become truly friendly and helpful.

Before that happens, it turns out I still need to find paid work. Pass the slightest hint to me at CONTACT Dick Karpinski

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