Robert Rossum

Just discovered Robert Rossum listed here among the PCC alumni.Um, well...this Robert Rossum (there must be others) is a pen name Nels Winkless used in publishing a bunch of articles about robots back in the 70's, including at least one in PCC. Derived, of course, from Capek's R.U.R. - Russum's Universal Robots. One reason for the nom de plume was that is seemed awkard for Nels to be publishing in competing computer magazines while he was editor of Personal Computing.

Startling to see Robert referenced.

--Nels(aka Robert Rossum)

[We guessed, of course, that Robert Rossum was a pseudonym, but we just did not know was the real author. Thanks for fessing up, Nels. For those interested in knowing more about Capek and his play, search the web or take a look at]

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