Alfred J Bruey

I entered the computer field in 1960 as a co-op student at NASAin Cleveland. I programmed for the Univac 1103A.

My article "Making Music on the Pet" was published in the November/December 1979 issue of Recreational Computing (formerly People's Computers) which lists Bob Albrecht and Ramon Zamora as two of its editors.

I had the article "Number Systems" published in the September/October 1981 issue. Bob's name was not on the Editor list then, but Ramon was listed as a contributing editor.

Later, I published articles in Ahoy, Computes!'s PC, and Creative Computing. I also wrote the BASIC column and was a Contributing Editor of PCM Magazine for three years. I authored the texts From BASIC to Fortran and, more recently, Visual Basic for Beginners (VB 3.0, still available from Amazon).

I still am employed in the computer field, mostly in system development and database design using Access and Visual Basic.

Alfred J. Bruey

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