Stan Veit

I founded the Computer Mart of New York which was the first place to buy PCC on the East Coast. We were also the third Apple Dealer in the world and one of the first Alpha Micro Dealers. I was the first to introduce PCC to computer fans on the Atlantic Seaboard.

With Les Solomon I wrote "Getting Involved With Your Own Computer.

In 1979 I left the retail business and became Computer Editor of Popular Electronics Magazine, later Technical Editor of Computers & Electronics Magazine. In 1983 I left New York City and went to Florida where I became founding Editor-In-Chief of Computer Shopper Magazine and later Editor-In-Chief/Publisher. When Computer Shopper was sold to Ziff Davis, I semi-retired and became Editor-In-Chief Emeritus of Computer Shopper Magazine, mostly writing rewviews and my column "What Ever Happened To?". As Editor-in-chief of Computer Shopper I published Bob Albricht's Basic Column.

Finally retiring from the publications field, I went into the Web Content Management and hosting business serving non-profit soccer organizations.

With the death of my partner in 1997, I completely retired, Now I only work on my and websites. I am also writer of the pc history book, Stan Veits History of The Personal Computer. Now 81 years young, I am still very active on the world wide web and spend a lot of time helping students of computer history with information.

Stan Veit

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