Lillian Mary Quirke

[This page transcribed by Dennis Allison from a letter sent in response to a snail mail invitation to contribute to the PCC Alumni Pages.]

[Snail will have to do for now]

Email: "aug" is the local St. Augustine [FL] provider for schools, city, etc.

I'm looking forward to buying a portable laptop for I find it easier to jot notes between quilting, tap dancing, working on family tree or photos scanned into the data bank, & studying Italian for a trip back to Italia where I taught in 55-6!!!

I helped Pam Sharp on paste ups for the PCC Newsletter. One of my students at De Anza College, Nancy, made the dragon design on the loft wall which a small group painted on the wall of one of the rooms in the old store.

I remember books & reference area--Zen, Meditation, Vegetarian. Build you own computer, info on BASIC, math drills, children's stories, Science Fiction, and people building extennonic on Commodore machines, teaching BASIC, using kits & building TV, painting parties to clean up the place--A colorful rug on the floor made of donated serapes, Greg &amd; Pam & I trying to figure ways the typewriter printer could print poetry...had a haiku with random word storage working that kids could play with printing their own poem--also typewriter pictures. Greg wrote a random-like program that printed rain, snow using symbol keys:
[ASCII Rain Pix] [ASCII Snow Pix]

Of course it was a repeat pattern, etc.

Anyway, I'll send more later when I find my old Newsletters.


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