Ellen Nold

Ellen Nold (Peacock) died of breast cancer on September 4, 2000. Her obituary summarizes her career.

In her honor, the journal, Computers and Composition established in 1990 the annual Ellen Nold Award for best article. The award was named for her because Ellen was the first person to write an article in the field of computers and composition. Her title was "Fear and Trembling: A Humanist Approaches the Computer" or something close to that. It appeared in a 1979 issue of College Composition and Communication. [Thanks to Gail Hawisher for this information.]

A couple of links related to the award are http://corax.cwrl.utexas.edu/cac/announce/cfp/nomin.html and http://www.hu.mtu.edu/~candc/award.htm.

Ellen Nold

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