Miles Kehoe

My contact with PCC started as a grad student in Computer Science with a focus on Computer Assisted Education at Purdue and University of Illinois - do you remember Plato or Pilot? I still have my PCC journal which incluces the famous letter from Billy Gates regarding software piracy.

I finally wrangled a move to california with Hewlett-Packard in 1980, and have been in Silicon Valley ever since. I went to a start-up in 1985; we were bought by Apple in 1987; another start-up in 1989, IPO in 1996 and my own company in 1997. We dabbled in our own 'dot com' with some measure of success - not a big IPO or acquisition, but we managed to have a grest team for years, maintain low burn rate, and provide a useful service. And it was a kick.

Now we're back at our own consulting firm, working in text retrieval, content mining, and dabbling in robotics.

For fun: basic stamps, flying, robotics.

Guess for the future: nanotech.

Miles Kehow

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