Pat Hopps

Great times at PCC! Yee-ha!

For all of those who don't remember me, I was that chubby Irish kid who had so much potential but never lived up to it.

My current girlfriend is named Angela and isn't as big of a pain in the ass as my one time lover Amy. Recently I've been drinking a lot of beer and unfortunately it's all going straight to my humungous theighs. My slimmer-theighed, more intellegent, more attractive friends like Jeff Bonar, Matt Miller, Sam Procopio, etc like to make fun of me. Since college they have given me the following nicknames: Fat Hopps, Fatty Hopps, Sir Hopps-A-Lot, Hoppyseed, Deuce Bigalow the Homework Giggalo, Jose, Sleepy's Butler, The Scatman, Parakeet Pat, The Worst Dancer In The World, Skippy, Alcoholic, G.A.P. and Stinky Nuts.

Pat Hupps

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