Isaac Asimov

Isaac Asimov, the quintessential author of Science Fiction, died in 1992.There are many websites which celebrate this amazing author.

The articles by Asimov that appeared in the PCC were reprinted with permission from elsewhere. The Dragon provides the following information:

"Forget Me Not" by Isaac Asimov was reprinted by permission of the author (we paid him $25) in PCC, volume 5, number 2, Sep-Oct 1976, pages 24-26. Dan Rosset suggested this article and communicated with Asimov to arrange it.

This article about how the human brain might work appeared in Penthouse Magazine

, May 1972 with the title "What's on Your Mind." See Penthouse Magazine 1972 (back issues and used magazines). According to Asimov Essays about physiology Asimov's article appeared with the title "Forget Me Not!" in Phi Beta Kapan, May 1972.
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